• Valid Documents
  • True Ownership
  • Survey Coordinates Confirmation
  • Red Flags and Encumberances
  • Forged Documents
  • Trespass
  • Stolen Land
  • Possible Litigation
  • Government Barred Lands
  • Incomplete Titles
  • Incomplete Transaction
  • Omonile Fees paid/ Owed
  • History of Previous Owner(s)
  • Land Taxes Owed
  • Hidden Buyers Fees
  • All types of Current Land Scams
We can spot a fake or an original land document at first sighting.
We guarantee 100% fraud free land transactions.

About Us

Anti-bribery policy

Omonile Lawyer Property Services has a complete zero tolerance of bribery and corruption.  This policy extends to our firm’s business dealings , property searches and transactions.  We would not buck under the pressure of either the Seller or Buyer to compromise standards at any giving time. We are not affiliated with the Seller or Agent so we are only committed to giving the best to the Client  (the purchaser) and we say that without fear or favour based on our track record to stand on the path of truth.