1524 days

How to Confirm Your Land is a Good or Bad Land in 3 Easy Steps

A Sample Land Information Certificate that shows the Land is free from Government Acquisition and is a safe land.
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This article is dedicated to the Millions of Nigerians who have bought lands in Lagos but are still living under the fear and Ignorance of knowing whether the Lands they have bought years back from Omoniles is a valid land that is free from Government Acquisition and Wahala.   All you have to do is [...]




1535 days

Omonile Lawyer Land Search Report Diary- HAPPY LAND ESTATE OKO-ADO VILLAGE ETI-OSA ( Be Very Careful buying in this Estate without Verifying it)

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Welcome to our Omonile Lawyer Land Verification Journal where we take you through all the Ups and Downs involved in carrying out a Detailed Land Search till we come to a final result for the Client and this week we are beaming our search light on HAPPY LAND ESTATE OKO-ADO VILLAGE. We Hope it persuades [...]




1536 days

Why You Should Never Buy a Land that has a Power of Attorney as its Main Source of DerivingTitle

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One of the reasons we see so many cases in court with respect to Land Disputes can be traced to this very Powerful but dangerous Document called a Power of Attorney or P.O.A.  A Power of Attorney is a written document given by Party A to Party B to carry out certain functions on behalf [...]




1784 days

Ogun State set to assist Land owners who have no papers to regularise their Documents

ogun land bureau
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The Ogun State Government has initiated steps to enhance infrastructural development of the state. It has introduced the Homeowners’ Charter Programme aimed at enabling homeowners regularise the legal status and documentation of their properties. The scheme, according to a statement from the state Ministry of Urban and Physical Planning, will apart from forming an integral [...]




1784 days

Aboru and Akinola Villages in Abesan Iyana Ipaja lose Land Case to FG. Be Very Worried if you have bought Lands here

iyana paja

2 Major land-owning families in Lagos State have lost their battle to reclaim their acquired landed property measuring about 117.90 hectares located at Aboru and Akinola villages in Abesan, Lagos State of Nigeria and if you have bought lands in this area be very worried. Previously the Families in the 2 Villages had sued the [...]




1829 days

A-Z of Buying a Land in Lagos on a Prudent Financial Plan and not ending up Broke Stupidly

payment 1
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Every day I get phone calls and emails from people stating their intention to buy lands and pleading with me for me to recommend good lands for them to buy that I think is an excellent deal and has no Omonile Wahala beseeching it but we all forget something very important that deals with buying [...]




1896 days

Have you ever experienced buying a land, fencing it, padlocking it and traveling only to come back to see that your land has been resold to new people now occupying it? Read this case

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DESCRIPTION OF THE LAND AREA IN DISPUTE: All that piece and parcel of land at  46A AND 46B YETUNDE BROWN STREET IFAKO GBAGADA LAGOS MEASURING 1433.345 SQUARE METERS    NAME(S) OF THE PARTIES TO THE SUIT:                                  Alhaji Adigun Kareem  (CLAIMANT )      V    Unknown Persons  (DEFENDANTS)   DATE THE SUIT WAS FILED:                           [...]




1898 days

The Baffling Court Case of an Expertly Forged Land Deed of Assignment

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DESCRIPTION OF THE LAND AREA IN DISPUTE: All that Acres of Land at CANAA WALK MENDE VILLAGE ONIGBONGBO IKEJA IKEJA LAGOS.   NAME(S) OF THE PARTIES TO THE SUIT:      Oba Nle Aro Trading Co Limited Pastor (Dr.) Ademola Wemimo Odunaiya ( Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Pastor Idris Adelaja Odunaiya ( Deceased) [...]

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