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Why a Survey Plan Search is most Essential Land Check you must carry out before you buy a land

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A Survey plan is a document that measures the boundary of a parcel of land to give an accurate measurement and description of that land. The people that handle survey issues are Surveyors and they are regulated by the office of the Surveyor general in Lagos as it relates to survey issues in Lagos. A [...]




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How To Make Sure Money You Send From Abroad To Buy A Land Doesn’t Get Embezzled by Family members or Friends you trust

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For a while now, i have waged a relentless war against fraudulent land sellers called Omoniles especially in those in Lagos and have tried to expose all their deceitful practices to dupe people off their hard earned money but today am going to change course to raise awareness on another way people are being duped [...]




1401 days

Next Mail: What are the Pros and Cons of Paying for a land through Instalments? What’s your advice so i dont get Defrauded like my Friends doing it who are still complaining?

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The Answer to the above question can be deduced from this True Story and please read carefully so that you learn from this issue: A friend of mine from my University days decided to buy a land at Aboru around the Iyana paja side of Lagos and they were selling the land to him for [...]




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MAIL TIME : “I Am Interested in Buying a Land in Lagos, What Steps should be taken to protect myself from falling Victim to Land Fraudsters?”

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QUESTION:  I AM INTERESTED IN BUYING IN A LAND NOW IN LAGOS, WHAT STEPS SHOULD BE TAKEN TO PROTECT MYSELF FROM FALLING VICTIM TO LAND FRAUDSTERS AND GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS? ANSWER: Follow these simple steps judiciously: 1a. Visit the land personally after you have signified interest to buy the land from the Agent. Never buy a [...]




1508 days

The Other People have bought Lands here or The Baale is the Owner of the Land so no Wahala Land Scams

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“The Above Picture is an Omonile lying through his teeth trying to deceive us that he is the Baale of that Eleko Community and all the lands there were under his care. He showed us a forged Baale i.d card,Community receipts, royal stamps and a Copy of the Eleko Village  Survey Plan  and Gazette. He [...]




1510 days

Do You Recognize the 8 Early Warning Signs of Buying a Defective and Problematic Land?

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I get a lot of emails from prospective buyers asking me how to avoid buying defective lands from Omoniles in Lagos and Ogun States that they are about to pay for and steps to take to avoid being victims of these Land Swindlers. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut textbook template on how to prevent [...]




1512 days

Beware of Buying Land in this Area! Case Study #1: OKUN AJAH

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Okun Ajah used to be one of my favourite areas in Lagos for Investors to buy lands because of its whispering palms and beautiful beach view. It is surrounded by some upcoming estates, Abraham Adesanya estate and Lekki Scheme 2 as its illustrious neighbours but it has of late become a hot bed of loads [...]




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MORE MAIL: I am Interested in Buying a Land but i have been told that the Owner of the Land isnt Around and is based Abroad. Do i still Proceed with the Transaction without meeting him?

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ANSWER: To be honest this is a very tricky question but from my experience I would say NO. Because we live in a society where land fraud is very prevalent. It’s even more difficult to proceed with a land investigation when the Owner isn’t available talk less of paying money to someone you cannot ascertain. [...]




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4 Types of Deadly Land Taxes that Could Bankrupt you if your not Aware of them before you buy land

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Do you know there are so many hidden Charges and taxes that you must pay when buying  a land that could bankrupt you easily if your not careful? These taxes hide in plain sight and it is until you want to perfect your papers it will rear its ugly head. I have compiled a list [...]




1539 days

5 Very Expensive and Costly Land Purchase Mistakes in Lagos To Avoid

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Almost every day, it seems I am sorting out one Omonile Land purchase problem gone badly. From Investigating the true Owner(s) of the alleged land down to verifying the authenticity of the documents presented by the seller, taking matters into your own hands  can sometimes result in disasters financially or you the seller getting duped [...]

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