Consent AWOYAYA Assesment
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Welcome to Omonile Lawyer’s FREE GOVERNOR’S CONSENT ESTIMATE, a section that gives you free Governor’s Consent Estimates and its attendant costs within various parts Lagos. Today’s Free Governor’s Estimate is at AWOYAYA in Ibeju Lekki. Lets break it down for you!

A friend of mine who bought 2 plots of land at Awoyaya Ibeju Lekki is desirous of perfecting his Governors consent and wanted me to get the Estimate cost for him before he proceeds. I sent it to my pal at the Assessment room at the Land registry who did the Calculations and it came to almost N1,200,000 for the 2 plots measuring approximately 1249 square meters on the survey plan.

But do you know its cheaper to do a Governor’s Consent for 2 Plots than for one plot? I’ll Tell you how to beat the System.

Awoyaya Survey plan measuring 1249 square meters which the Land registry used to calculate the Consent fees

Awoyaya Survey plan measuring 1249 square meters which the Land registry used to calculate the Consent fees

Firstly, whether you buy 1 plot or 10 plots, the cost of the tax clearance is for the Assignors and the Assignees are the same fixed fee. N300,000 per Assignor and N200,000 EACH for 2 Assignees if your buying from Omoniles. The professional Fees is the same and the charting Fees are the same. That saves you more than N700,000.

Are you desirous of getting a Governor’s Consent?

If you want to get a Free  Confidential Governor’s Consent Quote on that land you want to buy at the best possible price, square meters, location, required documents and time line in processing it, Click the Image below and i will show you how much money I can help you save, how to dodge the crazy bureaucracy at the Land registry, take away the stress associated with processing landed documents in Lagos and the steps need to be complete the process of your documents in record time.


Barrister Matthew Ottah helps Nigerians avoid being scammed in real estate deals. He once lost a large sum of money to land fraudsters 'Omoniles' when he was still naive about land matters. Now, he's out on a personal vengeful mission to expose Land scam artists in the Nigerian real estate sector and protect your hard earned money.

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  1. oladipo Elizabeth says:

    I have a question. After collecting HOME Owner certificate, how much will I be paying pet annum and for how long?
    Thank you Barrister.

  2. obasa azeez says:

    I want 2 know if OKUJU-IMEKE land @ Olorunda L.C.D.A,Badagry is free/acquisition.I am talking on behalf of my C.D.A as d C.D.A chairman. So i cn connect u with my C.D.A.

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