• Valid Documents
  • True Ownership
  • Survey Coordinates Confirmation
  • Red Flags and Encumberances
  • Forged Documents
  • Trespass
  • Stolen Land
  • Possible Litigation
  • Government Barred Lands
  • Incomplete Titles
  • Incomplete Transaction
  • Omonile Fees paid/ Owed
  • History of Previous Owner(s)
  • Land Taxes Owed
  • Hidden Buyers Fees
  • All types of Current Land Scams
We can spot a fake or an original land document at first sighting.
We guarantee 100% fraud free land transactions.

Client Feedback

We take pride in our clients testimonials in relation to our work done over the years which ultimately leads to strong references and our ability to create results:

The following are excerpts from emails, letters or online forum from several of our clients.


“What sets the Omonile Lawyer apart is the exhibition of total quality professionalism, this has got to be the pinnacle of tailored service delivery in Nigerian real estate industry. Omonile Lawyer uses specialized processes to solve difficult Omoonile problems so as to make the Land transactions happen effortlessly without stress.”

 Uche Citibank


“As a Real Estate Developer responsible for large commercial real estate transactions, it is absolutely critical that I depend on Omonile lawyer for a very thorough Land Verification search to confirm the title before my Real Estate Firm even thinks of negotiating with the owners of the land. The level of pragmatism, expediency and honesty of service that Omoonile Lawyer offers is simply unrivaled.

Wale Greenhaven Properties


“As a Real Estate Investor both in Nigeria, Europe and the US, I look forward to my Lawyers representing me with the highest degree of comprehension, competence and dedication and that’s exactly what Omonile Lawyer delivers with respect to my landed Investments in Nigeria more especially in Lagos”

 Dr. Omatshola


Any time I contract Omonile lawyer to do a search for me (and I have contracted him 4 times in the last 3 years) I know that his matchless personal service and inconceivable attention to extreme detail would ensure that my transactions will be a success.

 Yinka Jubilee Cooperative


“Omonile Lawyer consistently raises the bar in the Land Verification industry with its expertise, consummate service and unparalleled commitment to their clients. The joke is that I have only met him once but he handles my job with so much devotion and passion as if I am right there with him”

 Peter Exxon Mobil



Omonile Lawyer represents what we simply lack in Nigeria and that is passion, dedication and honesty. This is also coupled with the fact that he is extremely knowledgeable in Land related matters in Lagos, dishes out free information to guide a first time buyer and responsive to a Buyers needs, especially on sophisticated transactions. He is our first line of defense against the dreaded Omoniles and am happy I have him in my camp. Top Bloke”

Chigozie -Mutual Assurance


landverification ad

 Here are some Personal Client Testimonials


I am based in Ireland and remember reading Barrister Matthew’s blogs on Nairaland sometime in 2009 about helping people based abroad to do land searches in Lagos against the terrifying Omooniles and wrote his number down after being so impressed with his vast knowledge on Practical Land matters in Lagos but I still remained skeptical because I have had my fingers burnt previously dealing with these Omooniles and promised my self never to buy another Omoonile land again as long as I live but something came up that made me want to buy  a land for my parents and due to the paucity of funds I had then, I had to look towards buying an Omoonile land again.

I was extremely frightened and worried. I decided to contract Lawyer Matthew and for 6 months he kept searching for a property for me all the way from Abule-Egba down to Ajah and never for once did he ask me for money or compensate him for his travels.

I was afraid because I wasn’t used to seeing Nigerians being so selfless and professional without asking for gratification first. He kept on preventing me from paying money to certain Omooniles who didn’t have good documents or could prove the lands belong to them and I almost gave up buying a land due to the deceit of the sellers until he did a search for me at Olokonla Ajah.

I witnessed him fight the Omoniles to a stand still till they succumbed to his demands. I was extremely impressed with his level of professionalism and efficiency and I would recommend Omonile Lawyer to virtually anyone who intends to buy a land in Lagos to use his service because he is dedicated to his work to save buyers money.

Engineer Atitebi-Sandisk


Naturally I am a very skeptical person by nature due to my profession as an Accountant and I pay full attention to detail. When I contracted Omoonile Lawyer to do a land search at Ogombo Ajah, I was amazed at his strict attention to detail especially in a country that loves to take the short cut to success. Lawyer stood his ground on so many occasions against the Omoonile  to put their house in Order.

He guided me successfully after the search and handed me all the necessary documents needed to start work immediately on the land. Right now I have almost finished building my house and I thank Omonile Lawyer for making me purchase a Land in Peace without stress.

“Thanks again Lawyer for all you do for Nigerians abroad in your quest to eliminate Land fraudsters from stealing our hard earned money. Stay Blessed Bro”

Ramon-Scottish and Southern


“ You need to see the way Barrister Matthew dealt with these Omoniles at Ikorodu when our Church wanted to buy hectares of Land for our cooperative project. Lawyer did not give them breathing space one bit to cheat us. He was extremely unreceptive to their pleas, crys and Wahala. Tremendously Happy we contracted him and our church members are greatful for all the services you rendered for us”

Seidoku Shell PH


“I got to know Omonile Lawyer through some of my friends working at an Oil firm on the Island who wanted to buy acres of land so that we could build and estate. The lands offered for sale where found to be defective upon verification by Omonile Lawyer but my friends still went ahead to purchase it contrary to Omonile Lawyers advice. I was the only one that didn’t buy a land there and Omonile Lawyer helped me search for a land that was quite far off from my friends. I hated the place at first but am glad I listened to him. I have finished building a set of 4 Flats there and have encountered no problem whatsoever since I bought it 3 years ago. My friends on the other hand are having a long protracted legal battle over those lands they bought with the Omooniles”



“Very Simple! Matthew is the only person I can trust in Nigeria.

Can you imagine I wanted to buy hectares of land at Ikorodu near the beach for my real estate business and I was almost swindled by the Baales, the Agents, Surveyors, even government officials claiming to be close to the Permanent Secretary of Lands promising to grant me a Gazette if I pay N40million within a specified time.

Matthew was the only one that kept nudging me to do a thorough search and be suspicious of these people. At the end of the day he was vindicated when we found out that the lands have been sold to 2 other companies and they are battling in court to determine ownership. What wrong with our people in Nigeria? Matthew You will go places. Just keep your honest and upright lifestyle to protect some of us based abroad from these land crooks”



“About time You started your own website to help people fight these Omoniles. We have benefitted so much from your wise counsel and will continue to cherish the Good things you did for us in Igando against thiose Omoniles….Your God sent”

Mr and Mrs Nakpodia


“ Matto my Omonile Lawyer. I remember how I almost fell victim of Omoniles that wanted to sell me land in Shomolu and brought a Fake C/O. I almost gawked it till you discovered on the spot that it was fake. You’re a Genius and since then, fear will not let me talk about landed issues without getting you involved”

Nnamdi- Zenith Bank


“After reading so much about Omonile Lawyer on Nairaland, I decided to call him to recommend a land for me. He was so professional from beginning to end and 4 years now I am still on that land without any form of problem from the Omoniles. He took me to the right sources to conclude all my business about the land and I have not experienced all those night marish tales I hear about buying land in Lagos. Your well appreciated Sir”

Tolu (Luton)
For more testimonials contact us on 07036681104 and 08077943514 or email us at info@omonilelawyer.com