• Valid Documents
  • True Ownership
  • Survey Coordinates Confirmation
  • Red Flags and Encumberances
  • Forged Documents
  • Trespass
  • Stolen Land
  • Possible Litigation
  • Government Barred Lands
  • Incomplete Titles
  • Incomplete Transaction
  • Omonile Fees paid/ Owed
  • History of Previous Owner(s)
  • Land Taxes Owed
  • Hidden Buyers Fees
  • All types of Current Land Scams
We can spot a fake or an original land document at first sighting.
We guarantee 100% fraud free land transactions.

How does it work?

Omonile Lawyer Property Service operates a 4 step process which takes clients from the initial purchase decision to actually taking possession of the property.

our process


The first step is to contact us via email, phone call or you can visit our office or will meet in a location to suit you, where we can discuss your property requirements in detail. There is no obligation to instruct us at this stage. This is a free meeting or consultation which will normally take place within 72 hours of your request.

We will answer any questions you might have and take a detailed ‘wish list’ which we will use to agree our brief. We’ll answer any questions you have about land verification and the other services we offer. We’ll discuss your current property situation and status. You outline your ideal property, inclusive of location (if known), style, size & budget, timings and methods of contact.


Property/Title Document Inspection 

we visit the land with a registered surveyor and scrutinize all offered documents. We would verify the survey plan coordinates and confirm all other land documents at the land registry Alausa

However a search WILL NOT be conducted until either you the client or your trusted representative has viewed the land you intend to purchase. We are not Agents and will not search a land that has not been viewed by you to know whether its something you like or not.

Property Investigation 

we meet up with Agents and Sellers to trace history of the land, the owner would also be investigated to see if he has a fraudulent past. Some of the  methods we may use to verify  a property include:

Visiting the Land personally to discover encumbrances if any

Check the survey coordinates of the land to confirm the validity of the land

Multiple checks to confirm ownership of the land by the Seller

Title and document verification at all the recognized legal authorities and venues

Trace the owner(s), previous owner or owner(s) if any to confirm ownership

And other private investigating techniques to achieve the desired search result


Negotiation to completion

We oversee the land purchase process to save costs and ensure successful transfer of all valid original title  documents

After a thorough land verification has been conducted and we are satisfied with the  ownership status of the land in question, We would advise on the next steps to take to conclude the transaction.

At this Juncture, we would require a power of attorney from you to conclude the transaction in your best interest. After we agree on the terms of the power of attorney, We will conduct the negotiations on your behalf to ensure you pay the right price for your land.

We enter negotiations with a profound knowledge of local market norms and we would forewarn you about issues which are likely to affect the property in the future. Our in-depth knowledge ensures clients get the best deal, even when other offers are on the table.

We will be your sole point of contact after an offer has been made and will liaise with all parties, including estate agents, Surveyors and the Sellers solicitors on your behalf to ensure the conveyancing process runs smoothly and leads to completion within a timescale which is convenient for you.