• Valid Documents
  • True Ownership
  • Survey Coordinates Confirmation
  • Red Flags and Encumberances
  • Forged Documents
  • Trespass
  • Stolen Land
  • Possible Litigation
  • Government Barred Lands
  • Incomplete Titles
  • Incomplete Transaction
  • Omonile Fees paid/ Owed
  • History of Previous Owner(s)
  • Land Taxes Owed
  • Hidden Buyers Fees
  • All types of Current Land Scams
We can spot a fake or an original land document at first sighting.
We guarantee 100% fraud free land transactions.

Our fees

We believe our fees offer excellent value for money and in many cases can become self-funding through the financial savings we are able to achieve.

   Land Verification Retainer:

We charge a Retention fee of N70,000* on Instruction to start a comprehensive investigation of your ideal property. This N70,000 Retainer ship is a very small fee to pay to save yourself from being duped Millions of Naira of your hard earned savings by Land fraudsters, Unscrupulous Sellers, Devious Estate Agents and Dangerous Touts that set out to Resell other people’s Land to unsuspecting purchasers.

This search is not for you if think N70,000 is too much to verify the Authenticity of all the Landed Documents claimed by the Seller, the Validity of the land for sale  from the Government  and Courts, the Legitimacy of the Documents that the Seller is to transfer to you after sales, the priceless free Advice and consultation we will give to you on land matters especially as it concerns the land you intend to buy based on our numerous years of experience dealing with all sorts of landed matters and finally the dependability of the search report we give you confirming the authenticity of the Land you want to purchase.

If you’re comfortable losing all your money to Land Scam Artists, we are only happy to assist you in winning back that land in court after 5-10 years plus 10 times the Retainer fee as the new Legal fees to prosecute your Land case.

We have a 100% track record of all our searches that we have completed and executed over the years because we think of you only during our investigation and the potential untold hardship you might face if you lose all the money you have worked hard for or borrowed to one idiotic land fraudster who has knowingly sold you a very defective or stolen land that must either be abandoned or be demolished in future. Our Watch Word is ‘PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.




We are 100% committed to give you the most up to date and extremely reliable search result based on our unflinching standards to get to the bottom of every land transaction and we would not be bullied by either the Seller(s) or Client to rush our search report or conform to certain dictates in favour of the seller. We are Independent and we represent only you the Buyer and its our duty to take our time to do our jobs diligently and will not compromise standards just to achieve a Success fee within a month.

If at any stage we feel we are not given the free hand to do our jobs properly by you the client by influencing us to soft pedal on the Seller(s) based on close affiliations with them, we would cease to continue our search and your Retainer Fee will be forfeited.

Solicitors Fee:

We charge a Solicitor fee of 5% of the final purchase price of the property . The Success Fee is payable upon legal completion of the transaction indicated by exchange of contract documents as conducted by us. All the required documents and contracts needed by you the client to take full possession and ownership of the property will be drawn by us such as the Contract of Sale, Deed of Assignment, Purchase Receipts, Deed of Comfort/ Affidavits and any other Document necessary to effectively conduct a smooth transfer of your property to you.

“We are normally able to ensure your property search is self-funding as we aim to save you more than our fees” 

 We believe our fees offer excellent value for money, and in many cases can become self-funding through the financial savings we are able to achieve. Each client’s needs are carefully listened to and understood when agreeing fees, to ensure cost effectiveness for the client and service that is appropriate under the circumstances

Please note that we will always negotiate well on your behalf in case you contract us to do your negotiations after we have confirmed the authenticity of the land and we always aim to save you money as a matter of course.

We will do our utmost to ensure that your Land Verification Search is self-funding and can guarantee to do so properly on your behalf if you let us know before we start that it is important to you. However feedback from our clients shows that the time and stress we save busy people with careers, lives or families, is the number one reason people like dealing with us.

If your time is precious, call us on 07036681104 or 08077943514 or contact us by email through info@omonilelawyer.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon.