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Omonile Lawyer Land Search Report Diary- OKUN ISE VILLAGE IBEJU LEKKI-Beware of this Area! It Belongs to the Government

The land these Real Estate Developers wanted to sell to our client belongs to the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Coconut Development Authority. Can You Imagine?
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Welcome to another Omonile Lawyer Land Verification Journal where we take you through all the Ups and Downs involved in carrying out a Detailed Land Search till we come to a final result for the Client and this week we are beaming our search light on OKUN ISE VILLAGE IBEJU-LEKKI LOCAL GOVERNMENT LAGOS. We Hope [...]




1579 days

How Omoniles Scam people to buy lands with a Fake Survey Plan Layout and not give the Buyer possession. Read this true Case to know more

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DESCRIPTION OF THE LAND AREA IN DISPUTE: All that  4 plots of land located at IKORODU LOCAL GOVERNMENT being portion of EWU-ELEPE VILLAGE EXCISION   NAME(S) OF THE PARTIES TO THE SUIT:      Alhaja Omobola Bankole Yemi Bankole Mrs Bisi Kuyoro (CLAIMANTS) V Eng. S.O  Oluseye Oluwa-Lambe Idowu (DEFENDANTS)   DATE THE SUIT WAS FILED:                           [...]

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    Physical Land Inspection at Okun Ajah by the Omonile Lawyer to discover who the Omoniles are! By the way he is lying through his teeth so dont believe a word he is saying!