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Beware of Buying Land in this Area! Case Study #1: OKUN AJAH

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Okun Ajah used to be one of my favourite areas in Lagos for Investors to buy lands because of its whispering palms and beautiful beach view. It is surrounded by some upcoming estates, Abraham Adesanya estate and Lekki Scheme 2 as its illustrious neighbours but it has of late become a hot bed of loads [...]




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5 Things I wish I knew before I stupidly Bought and Lost my First Land

Don't be as stupid as me next time you want to buy a land. Verify it first
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Before i became an Expert in Land Verification, i was also once a Victim of Omonile Land Scams and i made so many mistakes prior to purchasing my first land back then which i eventually lost to Omoniles and could not recover because i was clueless about the intricacies of buying a land and the [...]




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A Classic Example of Why Some Land Buyers Are the Cause of their Own Land Scam Wahalas

alex mogbe ooo_opt
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As much as i point my fingers and lay the blame solely on Omoniles and Land swindlers as rotten apples that should be done away with so that land scams in Lagos will be a thing of the past, some Land purchasers are just as bad as these Omoniles when they make self inflicted terrible [...]

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    Physical Land Inspection at Okun Ajah by the Omonile Lawyer to discover who the Omoniles are! By the way he is lying through his teeth so dont believe a word he is saying!