A client in Dubai was asked to buy Jeeps worth N 15,000,000 in exchange for three plots of land at Igando Orudu by some family members. They claimed the plots fell within the Igando Orudu village excision. Our search revealed that the lands were government Owned.

This is a common norm amongst customary landowners in the Ibeju Leki axis. A client of ours was asked to come exchange his 2006 Toyota Rav4 for three plots of land at Igando Orudu. This deal was too good to be true so he contracted our services.

We met with the owner of the land who claimed all three plots fall within the Igando Orudu village excision which got us more amazed. Also, we asked for his documents confirming title however he informed us that the documents were at his house in Ibadan, this raised lots of suspicion.

We decided to send our surveyor to the site to confirm the status of the land as a first step in verifying the land.

On completion of site survey search conducted by our surveyor we discovered that the land was government acquired and committed. The owner was merely trying to cut his losses with our client.