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Omonile Lawyer Land Verification Service

Your Finances, livelihood, and life savings are on the line when you are preparing to purchase a land or house in Lagos.

You might be anxious about what will happen next, so the last thing you need to worry about are land scammers, wuru-wuru sellers, dubious agents, wayo real estate companies, fake documents, land disputes, buying a parcel of land or house that already belongs to someone else or the government, or any of the other distressing hidden risks associated with buying real estate in Lagos. Don't waste any more time if you are unsure about what to do.

Be wise and have Omonilelawyer, "Nigeria's No.1 Land Scam Detective," pre-verify that piece of land or house you intend to purchase.

Omonilelawyer was founded to help Nigerians home and abroad avoid falling victim to real estate scams by exposing the tactics and techniques employed by land thieves and real estate fraudsters, commonly referred to as "OMO-ONILES" in local slang.

Omonile Lawyer checks for the following things below before you purchase land:

Peace of mind is priceless. Don’t be one of their victims


What We do

Our services span the entire range of real estate legal practice, reflecting not only our expertise as solicitors but also the depth of our experience in facilitating fraud-free property transactions.

Title investigation
We will investigate all properties that you are interested in and only endorse those that closely match your requirements and are free from ownership problems. The moment we discover that there is an exception in the property being considered for acquisition – we immediately stop the transaction to protect our client’s interests. “Omonile Lawyer goes very deep to verify the genuineness of presented title documents and expose fraudulent land vendors and agents”. We do verification checks for: Valid documents, True ownership, Survey coordinates, Red flags and encumbrances, Forged documents, Land taxes owed, Trespass, Stolen land, Incomplete transactions, Omo-onile fees paid/owed, Hidden buyer fees, All types of land scams, Document verification. “We can spot a fake or an original land document at first sighting”
Document verification
Intricate Nigerian property regulations and laws make investing in landed properties a very difficult task. Knowing the right documents to obtain from the seller poses a very big problem for buyers. Omonile Lawyer helps buyers navigate this process by verifying all the necessary documents needed before purchase. Some of these documents include a Deed of Assignment, Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), Wills, Letters of Administration, Governors’ Consents, Gazettes, Survey Plans, Letters of Offers and Confirmation, Memorandum of Association (M.O.U), Building Plans, Leases, and Sub Lease, Affidavits, Taxes, and Receipts, Mortgage deeds, Purchase agreements and many more. Omonile Lawyer reviews these documents under the proverbial microscope and gives you a detailed report about the property status.
Background checks
Omonile Lawyer conducts background checks on the history/nature of the land, and also the history of previous owner(s) to find out hidden details of the property. Background checks help us to know the lands to be avoided for different reasons including theft, ongoing litigation, ownership conflicts, encroached areas, topographic issues (e.g. swampy lands, areas that experience seasonal floods, places with bad groundwater, erosion-prone areas), Government designated special purpose areas (e.g. agricultural scheme, industrial scheme, proposed bridge, flyover, and rail passages) etc. We maintain and periodically update a directory of fraudulent property sellers and agents. Using our extensive knowledge of current land scams and criminal schemes to protect our client’s interests. We practice due diligence in land documentation requirements to assess genuine certificates of occupancy, deeds of assignment, gazettes, governor’s consent, ratification, survey plans, developer documents, receipts, and other state property documents. In the unlikelihood of a problem arising from a land purchase transaction, we know all the remedies and solutions to get your land or money back. Engage us as your solicitors when you settle on your ideal property and we will be your sole point of contact after an offer has been made. We will liaise with all parties, including estate agents, surveyors, and the sellers’ solicitors to ensure the conveyancing process runs smoothly and leads to completion within a short time.
Legal advisory and Fees
We charge a Solicitor fee of 5% of the final purchase price of the property. The Success Fee is payable upon legal completion of the transaction indicated by the exchange of contract documents as conducted by us. All the required documents and contracts needed by you the client to take full possession and ownership of the property will be drawn by us such as the Contract of Sale, Deed of Assignment, Purchase Receipts, Deed of Comfort/ Affidavits, and any other Documents necessary to effectively conduct a smooth transfer of your property to you. We believe our fees offer excellent value for money, and in many cases can become self-funding through the financial savings we are able to achieve. Each client’s needs are carefully listened to and understood when agreeing on fees, to ensure cost-effectiveness for the client and service that is appropriate under the circumstances We will do our utmost to ensure that your Land Verification Search is self-funding and can guarantee to do so properly on your behalf if you let us know before we start that it is important to you. However, feedback from our clients shows that the time and stress we save busy people with careers, lives, or families is the number one reason people like dealing with us.
Land purchase management
Omonile Lawyer helps clients to perfect their titles at the land registry for a certain fee after it has been successfully purchased. We help analyze and advise on the type of title that would match the property such as a C of O, Governor’s consent, or ratification. We also help in filing the necessary taxes pursuant to obtaining the legal title. The Lawyers at Omonile Lawyer draw upon years of experience to steer clients through all types of real estate transactions. We provide hands-on advice and assistance to buyers and sellers, investors, developers and other parties in a full range of real property transactions. Whether you are an individual buying your first land, home or a well-established business looking to lease or purchase commercial property, our attorneys will carefully prepare, review and negotiate all of the necessary real estate documents. Our firm understands that real estate is a major investment and we will review every detail of the transaction to make certain that your interests are fully protected.
After sales support
Omonile Lawyer keeps in touch with clients after the conveyance, helping them with town planning issues, building plan approvals, We also help to perfect land documents and connect clients with reliable surveyors, trustworthy land officials, building and local material suppliers.

Still not convinced? Hear it from our clients

My husband and I recently worked with Omonile Lawyer when we purchased some land in Ibeji lekki. We found him to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and completely dedicated to ensuring that the transaction went through smoothly. We are very fortunate to have him. We recommend him very highly.
Catherine Farrer || MD Trennco Power
Managing Director / Trennco Power
I called on Omonile Lawyer to carry out a Search on the Documents and the Owners. The process was professional and very convenient. Thank you so much Omonile Lawyer for saving me money and stress.
Bimbo Adeola ||Celebrity Sports Presenter
C / C
Any time I contract Omonile lawyer to conduct a property search for me, I know that his matchless personal service and inconceivable attention to extreme detail would ensure that my transactions will be a success.
Dr. Ayodele Bashorun || CFO Ebony Life TV
CFO / Ebony Life Tv
Omonile Lawyer is extremely knowledgeable in Land related matters in Lagos and responsive to Buyers needs, especially on sophisticated transactions. He is my first line of defence against the dreaded Omoniles and I'm happy I have him in my camp.
Akin Alabi || CEO Nairabet
CEO / Nairabet
It is absolutely critical that I depend on Omonile lawyer for a very thorough Land Verification search to confirm the title before I think of negotiating with the owners of the land. The level of honesty of service that Omoonile Lawyer offers is simply unrivalled.
Dayo Amzat || Group MD Zedvance Capital Ltd
Group MD / Zedvance Capital Ltd

Our Case Results

  • ₦9,000,000 Forged C of O Scam at Isheri-North Averted
  • ₦4,000,000 Fake Documents Scam at Sangotedo Averted
  • ₦28,000,000 Committed Government Land Scam at Badore Averted
  • ₦7,000,000 Sale of Disputed Land in Court Scam at Igando Averted
  • ₦35,000,000 Dubious Owner Scam at Monastery Road Averted
  • ₦11,000,000 Estate Developer Rip-Off Scam at Ibeju Lekki Averted
  • ₦47,000,000 Fraudulent Excision Scam at Eleranigbe Averted
  • ₦13,500,000 Multiple Owners Land Scam at Ikorodu Averted
  • ₦21,000,000 Sponsorship Scam at Mopo Ibeju Averted



Fake documents such as dubious Survey Plans, forged C of Os and counterfeit agreements, are used daily by land scammers to facilitate fraud. Learn how to prevent being a victim of fake land documents.


Disputed lands mean buying a controversial land that belongs to someone else. You may not have access to the land or a refund until the dispute is settled. Learn how to avoid buying a disputed land.


Incomplete documents expose purchasers to unforeseen legal problems such as difficulty in perfecting title or proving ownership in future. Learn more about the dangers of Incomplete documents.


Buying a land under Litigation is a land that is subject to a court dispute or injunction. Land Fraudsters routinely advertise lands in court to unsuspecting buyers. Learn how to halt buying a land under litigation.


Victims of Real estate developers scams pay huge deposits to secure a property in a proposed estate that either does not exist or has massive documentation issues. Learn how to avoid shady Real estate developers.


Buying a Government barred land is risky. Government bars you from owning land it has acquired to build infrastructures such as airports, roads etc. Learn how to avoid buying a Government barred Land.


Property investment scams deal with crooks hoaxing buyers to pay for off-plan properties that are not yet built. In reality, victims lose their money and do not get the property. Learn to avoid a property investment scam


Fraudulent and dubious sellers thrive in selling properties that have either been sold to previous buyers or do not belong to him/her/them. Learn how to avoid fraudulent and dubious sellers.


How It Works

Omonile Lawyer Property Service operates a 4 step process that takes clients from the initial purchase decision to actually taking possession of the property.

The first step is to contact us via email, or phone call or you can visit our office or will meet in a location to suit you, where we can discuss your property requirements in detail. There is no obligation to instruct us at this stage. This is a free meeting or consultation which will normally take place within 72 hours of your request. We will answer any questions you might have and take a detailed ‘wish list’ which we will use to agree to our brief. We’ll answer any questions you have about land verification and the other services we offer. We’ll discuss your current property situation and status. You outline your ideal property, inclusive of location (if known), style, size & budget, timings and methods of contact.
We will visit the land with a registered surveyor and scrutinize all offered documents. We would verify the survey plan coordinates and confirm all other land documents at the land registry Alausa. However, a search WILL NOT be conducted until either you the client or your trusted representative has viewed the land you intend to purchase. We are not Agents and will not search a land that has not been viewed by you to know whether it's something you like or not.
We meet up with Agents and Sellers to trace the history of the land, the owner would also be investigated to see if he has a fraudulent past. Some of the methods we may use to verify a property include: Visiting the Land personally to discover encumbrances if any Check the survey coordinates of the land to confirm the validity of the land Multiple checks to confirm ownership of the land by the Seller Title and document verification at all the recognized legal authorities and venues Trace the owner(s), previous owner or owner(s) if any to confirm ownership And other private investigating techniques to achieve the desired search result
We oversee the land purchase process to save costs and ensure the successful transfer of all valid original title documents After a thorough land verification has been conducted and we are satisfied with the ownership status of the land in question, We would advise on the next steps to take to conclude the transaction. At this Juncture, we would require a power of attorney from you to conclude the transaction in your best interest. After we agree on the terms of the power of attorney, We will conduct the negotiations on your behalf to ensure you pay the right price for your land. We enter negotiations with a profound knowledge of local market norms and we would forewarn you about issues that are likely to affect the property in the future. Our in-depth knowledge ensures clients get the best deal, even when other offers are on the table. We will be your sole point of contact after an offer has been made and will liaise with all parties, including estate agents, Surveyors and the Sellers solicitors on your behalf to ensure the conveyancing process runs smoothly and leads to completion within a timescale which is convenient for you.

``In Lagos, 1 in 3 lands checked is Stolen and 2 in 4 lands verified have defective titles``

(Pls shine your eyes o!)


Over the years, omonile lawyer has saved clients millions of Naira from land fraudsters. Here are some of our success stories we are proud of


Why Should I Hire
Omonile Lawyer As My
Land Verification Lawyer?

There are a lot of things that could potentially go wrong when buying a property or land. You are handing over the largest check you would ever sign to a stranger and you need to make sure that you are not missing something by conducting due diligence on that property. Land verification is the process of doing your homework on the property that you are thinking of buying to avoid nasty surprises and unexpected issues after the purchase. Land verification deals with checking, double checking, and confirming any important information that would be used to determine whether the property is good, bad or dangerous. Not engaging Omonile Lawyer a land verification expert would make you feel grief-stricken and full of regret for not spending that money to conduct due diligence when issues, defects, encumbrances, fraud, scams, and other hidden risks crop up that could cause you to lose your money or make the property unsuitable for your needs.

You want to check for land acquisition and encroachment check
You are scared of losing your money
if you want to draft land agreements
You want to verify the land from fraudsters
You want to conduct a property title search

The Answer is Now

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Areas We Cover


Lekki Scheme 2
Gbetu Village
Osapa London
Ibeju Lekki and its Environs
Free Trade Zone
Thomas Estate
Femac Estate
Behind Eko Akete
Sangotedo (behind Golden Park)
Sangotedo (before LASU)
Eputu (before  Lakowe)
Lakowe – Golf course
Lakowe – Phase 2
Ibeju – Ibeju Lekki

Isheri north
Ojodu – Alagbole – Akute
Ogba – Ifako Ijaiye
Aguda – Surulere – Yaba
Akoka – Ebute Metta
Iyana Ipaja – Baruwa
Egbeda – Ejigbo – Ikotun – Egbe
Isheri – Shasha – Okota
Gowon Estate
Ketu – Ojota
Oko Oba
Obawole – Iju

Our Pricing


This is a plan for Private or Omo-onile lands for sale

Per Search

  • Survey Coordinates search from the land Registry
  • Personal site visitation
  • Court Searches
  • Genuine Title and Documentation search
  • Background search of the seller
  • Tracing of previous owners of the property
  • Dispute on Land
  • Incomplete Documents search
  • Fake Documents search
  • Land Taxes Owned or Paid up
  • Mortgage verification
  • Omoonile Family SearchGazette/Excision search
  • Land Registry Search
  • Probate, Wills and Letter of Administration SearchJoint Ownership search
  • Company search
  • and many more...



Per Search

  • On site Survey coordinates search
  • Genuine Titles and Documents search
  • Gazette/Excision confirmation
  • Tracing the history of previous sellers
  • Excision/Gazette under processing with Alausa File number search
  • Land Taxes owed or fully paid up
  • Instalment Agreement review
  • Contract of Sale review
  • Deed of Assignment review
  • Incomplete Titles
  • .




of the final purchase price of the property

  • All the required documents and contracts needed by you the client to take full possession and ownership of the property will be drawn by us such as the
  • Contract of Sale, Deed of Assignment, Purchase Receipts, Deed of Comfort/ Affidavits and any other Document necessary to effectively conduct a smooth transfer of your property to you

***  Full payment is required for the commencement of verification, for disbursement to appropriate channels that will facilitate the verification process.



    Meet Matthew Ottah

    The Omonile Lawyer


    Land Scams Prevented

    ₦ 400,000,000



    Years experience

    Matthew Ottah's Bio

    I go deep to verify the authenticity of title documents so as to get genuine lands for my clients and ensure their money is safe

    The Omonile Lawyer Team
    Trusted Lawyers

    Here are the people that fight to protect you from fraudsters

    Akinniran Olusegun




    Joy Aderibigbe

    Client Relations Officer & Office Coordinator


    Meet the Team

    Be Warned

    Omonile Lawyer seriously discourages buying lands via the internet or through pictures without actually visiting the land. We WILL NOT conduct a search until either the client or a trusted representative has viewed the property being considered.