A client nearly lost 21 Million Naira to a fraudster who stole his father's C of O for a property at Ketu. Since they both shared the same first name, he tried to impersonate his dad and even switched the picture in the C of O to deceive the client. Omonile Lawyer prevented the fraud.

The C of O wasn’t missing. The fraudster used that C of O to obtain a secret loan from a notorious Loanshark and handed the C of O to him in exchange for a large sum of money.

The Fraudster knew he shared the same name with his late father so he used that to his advantage. He made copies of the C of O and spread it to agents to promote to prospective buyers and hoped our Client would buy his stories that it was missing.

His plan was to sell the house for N15 Million and abscond with the loan he originally took from the loan sharks plus the N21 Million he obtained from the new buyer.

The moment we confronted him with our facts he just demanded for his photocopies and drove off without saying a word. The buyer has not stopped thanking us since then.