A man who sold a bungalow to our client for N13.5 Million during Christmas at Igando also re-sold the same property to another person 1 week after for N17 Million Naira when our client traveled for Newyear break. Omonile Lawyer recovered the full sum back for our client.

Omonile Lawyer was contracted to help recover the full transaction fees from a fraudster who resold a client’s property just days after he was paid N17Million for the same property. The client was in a haste to close the transaction so that he could meet up with the New Year activities in his village. After paying the Seller, he told the seller to vacate the property within 2 weeks so that the seller would have ample time to look for a new place.

Unknown to the Buyer, the Seller had other people he wanted to sell the property too and he ended up selling that same bungalow to another person and absconded with the money. When the Client came back to take possession of his property he met a new person there. It resulted in a serious fracas and we were called upon to find a solution to this issue. We were able to track the seller down within a month and recovered the client’s money in full plus damages.