A client who was desirous of purchasing a 2 story building at Ebutte-Meta was almost duped N47 Million Naira by 3 sisters who connived to forged a Will and tried to sell the property without the consent of the other 11 family members in the Original will.

3 Sisters hatched a devious plan to scam a client to purchase a storey building by forging a will to claim ownership without the consent of the other members of the family and executors of the true will. They were expecting the client not to conduct a proper investigation and presented forged documents to hood wink him. When he got in touch with us to help him investigate, we discovered that all the documents were forged and the family itself was not aware that their sisters wanted to go through their back to sell family property.

The moment we found out all their dirty plans, we advised the client to walk away and save himself N47Million. The Sisters haven’t forgiven us till date.