Obinna saw an advert online where One acre of land at Moremi Village behind Lagos Business School Sangotedo was been sold for ₦ 14 Million per plot totaling ₦ 84 Million Naira and the 8 of them decided to pool their money together to purchase it for future investment purposes.


Obinna actually flew down to Nigeria to inspect the land to see it physically and meet the alleged owner. He was introduced to one man Alhaji Bakare who claimed to be the Olori Ebi (Head of the Bakare Family) and had the consent of the family to sell the land.


Obinna asked for the documents and he was shown a Survey Plan layout in the name of the Bakare family at Moremi Village as the only document the family had.


Obinna was excited about meeting the owner of the land and seeing the documents. He was most excited about the location of the land and the future prospect it would bring as an investment.


His friends contributed part of the money totaling ₦ 42 Million as a deposit and promised to pay the remaining balance in 3 months.


Obinna then proceeded to have an agreement with Alhaji Bakare to give him half of the money and balance the rest which Alhaji agreed to.


3 Months later when Obinna came down to Lagos to pay the balance, he was told that Alhaji Bakare had died. The remaining family members claimed ignorance of the transaction between him and Alhaji Bakare.


Obinna was told Alhaji Bakare did not remit any money to the family and did not tell any family member that the land was sold to a third party.


He was told that if he has even done a proper check on the land, he would have discovered that the portion of land he allegedly bought from Alhaji Bakare was a committed land that fell into the Moremi Housing Scheme and the Family is presently challenging the Lagos State government at the high court for the past 5 years for taking their lands.


Obinna lost his friends ₦ 42 Million Naira, has no land to give his friends, and no document to show proof of ownership.


He did not know that you cannot buy family land in isolation with other family members being part of the transaction process and signing the documents together.


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