Please Run from Land Scammers. They are the new yahoo boys and girls. They are everywhere now.


Everyone is now a property agent, property developer, and property consultant. If you don't separate the wheat from the chaff, you would just enter one chance for nothing!


Since Oyinbo maga no de pay again, they have decided to go local and target YOU!!!


These Land Scammers are cashing out madly selling dubious lands and houses with bad documents or government wahala to unsuspecting ignorant people.


These Land Scammers know nothing about the ownership of the land, the documents the land has, or the issues the land has whether it's a community problem, government problem, or court problem.


The only thing they know is to deceive and hustle you so that you empty your wallet.


Please don't be their new local Maga. Don't buy any property without involving property professionals to guide you.


Paying a few thousand Naira for verification is better than shouting "Mogbe" after you have been duped off Millions of Naira


Please don't be their next Victim.


Beware of all these dangerous lands pushed by land scammers and marketers. Verify your next land with Omonilelawyer. You can reach out to me at 07036681104 or 08077943514 or log on to for more information.


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