Do you want this to be you in this picture fighting Omonile or a dubious agent on the road because you did not verify the land you bought from him?


Many people choose to listen to Agents or Omoniles to buy land from them without verifying it.


Many people fall for the same stories or lamba these crooked agents or omoniles tell them such as:


  • The land no get problem. Na our family land.


  • The land get C of O or Gazette.


  • Na you go be the first person for the land no worry.


  • I don sell many lands for this area to many big people. In fact, I sell that land to one Bank manager yesterday.


  • Oga land scarce o! Many people de on top this land. Try pay for am soon o.


  • Madam try pay for this land today, because many people de ontop this land.


  • No court case de ontop this land.


  • No family or community wahala de our village.


  • The Land no get problem.


When you hear these sweet stories from these dubious omoniles, you end up dashing your life savings to them foolishly.


And when you want to start work on the land the following will pop up:


  • That land is a stolen land.


  • There is a community dispute on that land.


  • There is an existing court case on that land.


  • The place does not have a C of O, Gazette or Excision. It actually belongs to Lagos State government


  • All the papers they showed you were fake and forged.


  • The Agent will avoid you and the Omonile will stop picking up your calls.


  • Omoniles will come to the land and seize the tools of your workers and chase them out.


  • All your blocks, sand, and gravel would be destroyed overnight.


  • You will discover that the land has been sold to other people.


  • You will end up having no land, no documents or money to refund


When you meet finally meet the dubious omonile that has been dodging you, you would start fighting and embarrassing yourself on the road because you refused to verify the land.

Are this stress, pain, and wahala worth it?


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