Don't buy any land marketed as "Excision in Process". It's a Scam. Lagos State is no longer issuing Excisions.


Too many real estate companies are out there selling lands to unsuspecting buyers using "Excision in Process" as the document they have to sell their lands. This is very dangerous.


Rather Lagos State now grants personal government land allocation to individuals or companies who intend to purchase lands in bulk once you apply for it.


All Excision surveys and files that were being processed during Amode's time have been stopped by Sanwo-olu. No Excision would be processed at the land registry at Alausa Ikeja anymore.


If any real estate company, marketer, or Agent pushes a land to you for sale and tells you the title document they are expecting from Alausa is Excision and the file is in Process, my brother RUN OOO!!! It’s the Lamba of the century!


Don't even wait for them to continue marketing the Excision in Process land to you. Just take off, log off, or drop the call. It is a Scam land.


Your money would just enter one chance and you would be in possession of worthless land that has no recognized government title.


These wayo people would have just deceived you for nothing and you would be having a worthless land with a worthless document. Please don't be their next Victim.


Beware of all these dangerous lands pushed by land scammers and marketers. Verify your next land with Omonilelawyer. You can reach out to me at 07036681104 or 08077943514 or log on to for more information.