A caveat emptor has been placed on land in Ayobo in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State, according to the Permanent Secretary, Lands Bureau, Mr. Hakeem Muri-Okunola.


Muri-Okunola spoke in his office, urging the public to be wary of individuals, families, traditional rulers and communities who sell government acquired land in the area.


He said the land covering 455.76 hectares in Ayobo was acquired by the state government, by virtue of its Official Gazette No 15 Volume 34 of May 5, 2001, adding that it was named Ayobo Residential Scheme.



Muri-Okunola said prospective buyers should verify any land before buying.


He advised the public to obtain a Land Information Certificate from the Office of the Surveyor-General, ascertain the status of the land and ensure proper validation of the titles on such lands from the Lagos State Land Registry.


The unsuspecting members of the public are, therefore, enjoined to take caution by verifying the status of any landed property, else they may purchase litigation, which venture may end up as colossal waste of hard earned financial resources,” he said.


He added that the activities of illegal fraudsters is on the rise in the area, warning that the public should be wary of them

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Omonile Lawyer's Final Thought


Omonile Lawyer wishes to thank the Permanent Secretary for sounding this advise for people to verify their lands before they buy. We have been shouting this issue for years and now the Government recognizes Omonile lawyer's efforts at warning people not to fall victim of land scams by verifying it first.


Those that have ears let them hear.

Meanwhile God will punish these Omoniles who derive joy in Selling Government Land to People without telling these unsuspecting buyers the truth. I have known about the Issues surrounding Ayobo for a while but i didn't know it was this bad and that Government owned almost 500 Hectares of Land there.


This is the definition of a fully committed land and anyone that has bought a land inside this  455.76 hectares in Ayobo will surely have their Houses demolished in the Nearest future.


For those that have bought lands in Ayobo, your best advised to confirm whether your land falls inside this 455.76 hectares so that you can start planning on how to mitigate your losses now rather than for you to be hit unawares when the Caterpillars come running in future.


What a very depressing and sad News for all those Victims.