Let me just drop this List here for you to ponder for 1 minute.


Nigerians are their own worst enemy. How can someone struggle to find a good property to buy without wahala, spend so much money to acquire the land from Agency fees to Survey plan fees and when its time to take possession of the land, the community now presents this Stupid " OMO-ONILE FEES" to you? If you choose not to pay it, they would prevent you from working even if you bought the land for N100 Million.


  1. To put Foundation on the land N200,000
  2. To collect the Deed of Assignment as proof of purchase of the land and receiving your money N200,000
  3. To fence the property as a precaution against Land Fraudsters N150,000
  4. To put a structure on it with Decking N200,000
  5. To Construct a Roof on the property N160,000
  6. Community Money for coming into their Village to buy a land N100,000



Please, can somebody remind me how much is the land again? After struggling to find the money to buy the land, these long throat people would be waiting for you to finally drain your wallet. Its as if its a crime to come to their village to buy land. Some areas are so notorious that the money they collect for just signing your document could make you go bonkers.



If you buy land at Elegushi, its N2.5Million to just sign your document minus foundation and the rest of the nonsense they demand. In Badore, Olokonla and areas controlled by the Olumegbon, it is N500,000 to sign your documents.



In Agungi, Osapa London, Chevron and areas controlled by the Ojomu family, its N1.5Million to sign your documents alone. Even those ones in the heart of Ibeju Lekki and Epe are beginning to copy their more illustrious counterparts to demand between N100,000 to N200,000 to buy land at Eleko or Free Trade Zone. These people don't rate us one bit.



My fellow Omonile Lawyer Readers I am exhausted talking about these people and their extreme greed. If you drag this issue with them, they become extremely violent and restless. Have you been presented with this kind of bill from the Omo-oniles before? Please tell us your story in the comments section so that we can find a lasting solution to this extortion disguised as 'Omo-onile signing fee'