Buying a Land that is committed is a one-way ticket to getting your property revoked without compensation and if you foolishly construct a structure on it, it would be happily demolished by the Lagos State Government with no remorse.



There are so many wicked Sellers, Agents, Developers, Lawyers and Surveyors who knowingly take advantage of the ignorance of buyers to sell their lands that they know outrightly belongs to the government but due to their innate greed, still, go ahead to market the land for sale. They have no empathy or compassion for the victim and only see the financial gains they stand to make.



They know these lands have been zoned for bridges, roads, airports, dams, government schemes, public buildings or to pass pipelines but they still chose to pass it off as good lands for sale. Immediately they collect the money, they disappear and leave the victim to be at the mercy of the government to suffer the distressing outcome for purchasing those land.



With this in mind, after a series of strenuous land  investigation, verification and background  checks carried out by the Omonile Lawyer Team we present to you some of the worst committed lands offered for sale in Lagos State today that will surely guarantee you to lose your money and incur the wrath of the Lagos State Government for buying a land that is not supposed to be sold to the public.



The sale of these dubious lands has led to very devastating consequences for those who purchased them and serves as a warning to those who intend to purchase lands in these areas without conducting a proper background check. They include the following:







Gbetu Village Omonile Lawyer search report





Gbetu is a village in Ibeju Lekki that attracts a lot of investors and buyers due to the proximity of the popular May fair Gardens Estate. It has its own Excision but unfortunately, many sellers and agents there are fond of marketing lands that are completely out of the Gbetu excision. Selling a land outside the excision is one thing but pushing people to buy a committed government land is beyond despicable.



The Lagos state government has earmarked a large parcel of land at Gbetu for their own use to build a Government Scheme but fraudulent sellers have taken it upon their selves to resell Government Owned lands to naïve people. I have only one sentence to tell those people. (DEMOLITION AWAITS YOU). Buying a committed land is the No.1 Land buying NO-NO.



Once you are a victim of buying a committed land, that’s the end. Nobody can help you. You have put your head in a Lion's mouth and the consequence is devastating. A simple verification would prevent you from being a victim of buying a committed land and save you from losing millions of Naira.




This verification was particularly painful for the Omonile lawyer team. A client we have all come to cherish confided in us that he bought a piece of land at Gbetu village 2 years ago and has constructed an uncompleted building on it but when he saw an article online about dubious sellers selling badlands, it made her curious to recheck his property.



We were very angry that he did not call us at the beginning to check it out for him but he told us that it was an emotional buy. A colleague at the office was going through a rough patch and offered the property to him at a very low price that was too enticing to refuse.



He said he did not want to lose the offer since so many people knew about it and he was worried by the time we finish our search, the property would have been off the market but now he is worried that he might have taken a wrong decision to buy it without verifying it.



Immediately we heard his story we swung into action to confirm it. Alas as feared, the property was committed. In haste to buy a property based on emotions, he ended up buying a Committed land and built a structure on it which most certainly would be demolished.





Nobody prays for this kind of calamity.


“A lot of people buy properties based on emotions or the offer is too good to be true or a background search takes too long and they don’t want to lose the property only for them to end up losing millions of Naira due to their heart talking instead of their head”.


Buying a Committed land simply means you have bought an ultimate headache no Panadol can cure. You cannot perfect your papers, you cannot obtain a building plan, your money is gone and the structure you erected would most certainly be demolished without compensation.



Please, don’t dive head on to buy a property without conducting a search on it. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If it turns out to be a committed land, you would dream for days why you didn’t spend that small amount to avert a disaster that made you lose your life savings worth millions.





Unilag Estate committed land. Falls on Proposed Magodo-Ibadan Road





Unilag Estate Magodo is a place loved by so many people on the mainland due to its proximity to Magodo Phase 1, Isheri North, Ojodu and people who love to commute the Lagos -Ibadan Highway a lot but sadly, Fraudsters have devised a means to deceive people to buy lands outside the Unilag estate environs whilst marketing it as either Magodo Extension or Behind Unilag Estate extension.



What in fact they are selling to people are lands that have serious issues ranging from land disputes between families to lands that have court disputes hovering over them. The worst one is that they are now selling the proposed Federal Government Road to unsuspecting Individuals.



The government intends to construct the Lagos-Ibadan express road and portions of the roads to be constructed pass through Magodo. Some family members there are claiming the land belongs to them and that Government would compensate anybody who buys the land there.



How would Government compensate anyone for buying a Committed Land especially a land sitting on the middle of the road? The worst part is that they have a lot of people rushing to buy  lands there without verifying it only for them to realize that very soon in the nearest future their property would be demolished.





The buyer was interested in buying a property besides Unilag Estate Magodo from the family but was afraid of committing his funds without proper verification. The Omonile Lawyer team swung into action and we confirmed Magodo had a proper gazette and good survey plan at the Lands Registry .



We investigated the family and found out it was the authentic family in the community who owned the land and had the right to sell. Everything was going well until we decided to visit the site.



On getting to the site, we noticed a huge fence on the land and queried the Omo-oniles who constructed the fence. The Omo-oniles swore to the highest heavens that they were the ones who erected the fence but from experience we know it’s extremely rare for an Omo-onile to use their own money to construct a fence on a property that they had no intention of residing in.



This information made us investigate the community further and we later found out that the property was under litigation for years with an injunction not to do anything on the land until the case has been determined. These wicked Omo-oniles decided to sell it to an unsuspecting buyer who had no knowledge of the litigation at the high court.



To further make things worse, a survey search at the Surveyor General's office showed that the land they intended to sell to the buyer was committed that falls into the Magodo-Ibadan Link road





We immediately told the buyer to vamoose and not look back. The Omo-oniles called him severally to bad mouth us but we told the buyer to look elsewhere. Who has the power to fight Government? How can some people be so callous to sell land that is under litigation and also a land that is sitting on a proposed express road?



These people do not fear God and it's my hope and prayer you do not fall victim to these evil people. Always confirm every property you intend to buy. Buying a committed land is a one-way traffic to Demolition city.





Okegun Village Epe local Government Lagos. Land falls within Proposed Lagos Airport





Today the in thing is to buy lands in Ibeju Lekki because of the heavy marketing blitz of the  Dangote Refinery and Free Trade Zone. Epe and its environs are not left out because of the proposed Lagos state Airport to be sited in that area.



These multi-billion dollar investments have attracted so many real estate developers to set up shop there to market lands to people and many of them have chosen to disregard the rules of selling only good lands without hitches or problems.



They are contented with promoting their estates at any cost without confirming the source of their title. Many of them have gone ahead to sell parts of the proposed Airport to unsuspecting Buyers.



Lagos state government has plans to build an Airport in that Environment and has carefully mapped out the areas it intends to construct it. Its suppose to pass the Eleraingbe axis and parts of Epe.



Meanwhile, some unscrupulous Families and Real estate Developers have chosen to concentrate their sale in those areas expressly forbidden by the Government and as always, so many people have decided to purchase lands on the proposed Airport tarmac where planes are to take-off and land without verifying its authenticity.



When it is time for the government to start work on the Airport project, all the lands there would be revoked and all the buildings there would be compulsorily demolished without any hope of compensation.






A Client was interested in buying 2 Plots of land at Eleraingbe that was jointly owned by a real estate company and the family members. The Agent told her that all the title documents of the land were intact. She was shown a Gazette, the excision survey and the joint venture agreement from the family.



She was told to pay a deposit within a certain day unless the promo the real estate company was running would soon expire. She ended up paying the deposit representing half of the money representing demanded by the estate and promised to pay the rest in 6 months time.



After she made payment, she realized that the sellers were no longer responsive to her demands as regards the kind of documents she was to receive and when she was to be allocated her land after full payment. She then contacted us to find out what was going on. Immediately the Omonile Lawyer Team swung into action and we immediately discovered that the excision was fake.



When we conducted an Onsite investigation, we found out that the land shown to her that was to be allocated to her was exactly in the middle of the proposed airport. Till date, the woman and the estate are still battling each other to refund her deposit.






What she paid for was a very bad land that has been committed to a government project. The sellers were aware and knew many people would not attempt to investigate it while buyers saw it as an opportunity to buy an awoof cheap land without verifying it. It's not every cheap thing that is good. Buying a  cheap committed land is just as bad as losing your money to a Ponzi scheme.



It is recommended that Every purchaser of land must take that strenuous step to investigate the Lands or property they intend to buy. If you cannot do it, engage professionals who can do it to help you verify it so you don't lose your life saving to crooks masking as property sellers, agents or developers