Ms. Ngozi harboured dreams of finding the perfect luxury apartment. Her job had recently relocated her to the Lekki-Ajah environs, and she was eager to settle into a new chapter of her life.


Scrolling through online listings on Instagram, she stumbled upon a sleek, modern 4-bedroom apartment in an 8-unit luxury flats high-rise building in an estate near Lagos Business School Sangotedo in Eti-Osa local government area that seemed to embody everything she desired.


The real estate agent in charge, a smooth-talking individual named Ms. Ekaette, assured her it was a steal of a deal.


Emboldened by the excitement of a fresh start, Ms. Ngozi hurriedly paid ₦45,000,000 for the luxury apartment and hastily signed the paperwork without conducting due diligence due to the Agent's pressure and assurances.


Ms. Ekaette assured her that all necessary checks had been completed, and the apartment was in pristine condition. Unfortunately, Ms. Ngozi's enthusiasm blinded her to the importance of verifying these claims.


Upon moving in, Ms. Ngozi's initial delight soon turned into dismay. The state of the apartment was far from what was promised.


Leaks stained the POP ceilings, and when the rains came, her apartment had flooded since she purchased the ground floor and there was no barrier to prevent the water from coming in. Most of the Electrical appliances were outdated.


The toilet pipes were busting frequently anytime she flushed the toilet and the once-modern interior revealed signs of neglect.


The beautiful city view promised in the listing turned out to be obstructed by a neighbouring building that loomed ominously.


The first red flag waved when Ms. Ngozi received an unexpected bill for property Land Use Charge taxes that seemed exorbitantly high.


Perplexed, she investigated further, only to discover that the taxes had not been accurately disclosed during the purchasing process.


Ms. Ekaette had conveniently omitted this crucial detail, leaving Ms. Ngozi with a financial burden she had not anticipated.


As weeks passed, more issues surfaced. The building's management was unresponsive to maintenance requests, and Ms. Ngozi discovered that several units were facing bank foreclosure due to a legal dispute over the property's ownership.


It became evident that Ms. Ekaette the Agent had painted an elaborate facade, concealing the impending chaos that awaited unsuspecting buyers.


The final blow came when Ms. Ngozi received notice of an impending special assessment for major repairs to the building's infrastructure.


The cost was astronomical and ran into Millions of Naira, and Ms. Ngozi realized she had been a victim of a carefully orchestrated property scam.


Heartbroken and financially strained, Ms. Ngozi sought legal advice from Omonile Lawyer and learned that the Agent, Ms. Ekaette had a history of fraudulent dealings.


The due diligence Ms. Ngozi had neglected could have saved her from the nightmare that her Sangotedo luxury Apartment had become.


Through grit and determination, Omonilelawyer fought to expose the deceit, not only for Ms. Ngozi’s sake but to protect others from falling prey to similar scams.


Ms. Ngozi’s property scam story is a cautionary tale, to urge potential buyers to exercise due diligence and approach property transactions with a discerning eye.


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