Barrister Matthew Ottah known by his moniker (‘the Omonile Lawyer”) is the founder of Omonile Lawyer Property Services, the foremost voice in the industry of property investigation, land verification and property purchase services for busy individuals and companies in Nigeria.


Barrister Matthew Ottah has practiced real estate law since 2005 and with over 12 years of industry experience, is responsible for some of the most highly intricate property negotiations in Lagos and Ogun States. He has successfully investigated thousands of land purchase deals which often involve difficult and complex property issues such as ownership problems, proof of title, land disputes, fraudulent sellers, fake documents, incomplete documents, forged titles, re-sale of properties under litigation and a host of land-related concerns in favour of his clients.


Barrister Matthew Ottah has spent the last 12 years learning everything there is to know about the real estate industry as it relates to real estate fraud in Nigeria especially in notorious property scam environments like Lagos and Ogun States.


Where it is not possible to conclude a transaction or investigation, barrister Matthew Ottah provides strong decisive representation in negotiating proceedings to protect his clients’ interests and if need be, cancels the transaction once he detects any hint of fraud so as to protect his client’s money. He has an outstanding knowledge of Nigerian property law and is able to make the often complex land or property purchase process readily understandable to his clients.


Barrister Matthew Ottah helps Nigerians avoid being scammed in real estate deals. He once lost a large sum of money to land fraudsters 'Omoniles' when he was still naive about land matters. Now, he's out on a personal vengeful mission to expose Land scam artists in the Nigerian real estate sector and protect your hard earned money.


Omonile Lawyer has represented thousands of industry professionals home and abroad who are cash rich but time poor but are visibly scared of losing their hard-earned life-savings to property fraudsters. His success is rooted in his deep understanding of the unique fears and challenges his clients face because he was also duped by land fraudsters.


Barrister Matthew Ottah has been featured in the New York Times, Reuters, Inspiration 92.3 FM, Rainbow FM, This day, Business Hallmark, Premium Times and various news media. He is frequently consulted by the news media on real estate issues and land scams.


By day you can find Barrister Matthew Ottah chasing omoniles, dishing out free advice to the public, reviewing land documents, negotiating property deals and being a general nuisance to land fraudsters. By night you can catch him on social media sharing political banters with his online friends trolling him mercilessly for supporting Arsenal.



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