Shine your eyes and be smart. Land fraudsters in Lagos are now selling wayo and suspicious lands with fake governors' consent. Thousands of people have lost Billions of Naira purchasing lands with fictitious Governor's Consents sold by these dubious real estate fraudsters.


These Governors' Consents look genuine on the surface, but they are outright forgeries and dangerous documents to possess.


50% of the Lagos Governors' Consents flying around are fake, and only intense verification of these consents can prevent you from losing your hard-earned money to these land scammers.


Many of these fake governor’s consents are being used to hoodwink people into buying lands and houses, especially in the Lekki environs, and many people fail to verify their authenticity just because the seller has presented them with a clean-looking Governor's Consent.


These fake Governors' consents have the hallmarks of one or more of the following:


  • Fake History of the land


  • Fake Parties to the transaction


  • Fake description and location of the land


  • Fake survey plan of the land


  • Fake Indemnity Clause in the assignment deed requiring the buyer to be compensated if the transaction and document are fraudulent.


  • False signatures of those who signed the document


  • Have you seen the surrounding location of where the property is?


  • Fake Lagos State Commissioner signature


  • Fake date that the Governor’s Consent was signed by the Commissioner


  • Fake date that the Governor’s Consent was registered


  • Fake Governor’s Consent registration number


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