Ojomu family lands situated at Eti-osa local government are one of the most sought after luxury lands for middle class Lagosians. Some of the popular areas where you can find Ojomu family lands include Agungi and Lafiaji but buying a plot there isn’t as easy as it seems.



There are a lot of technical details an intending buyer has to be aware of unless you could fall victim to the numerous land scammers disguised as family members, agents or personal owners of land that lurk around those areas reselling other people’s lands.



Before you intend to buy into an Ojomu Family land, these are some of the things you need:


  1. 1. Your Own Lawyer to investigate the land and draw up the contracts after verification


  1. 2. Your Own Surveyor to measure the size of the land and confirm the coordinates of the land


  1. 3. Copies of the title documents for investigation

Once you have sorted the above, these are the steps you have to take before you purchase an Ojomu family land and it includes the following:


  1.  Visit the site


  2.   Check the Ojomu family layout


  3.   Visit the courts to confirm the judgements in favour of the Ojomu family


  4.  Visit the land registry to confirm the gazettes in favour of the Ojomu family


  5. Obtain a certified true copy of the Ojomu Gazette at the cabinet office.


  6.   Confirm the plot to be sold to the buyer falls within the Ojomu gazette.


  7.   Confirm if the land is not under AMCON (CAVEAT EMPTOR: So many lands in that area have been repossessed by AMCON due to bad debts. Don’t be stupid. Investigate it properly please)


  8.  Confirm if the land is not one of the lands that are being contested in court by neighbouring villages disputing the ownership of the land under Ojomu


  9.  Confirm and investigate if the seller is the true owner of the land


  10.   Investigate the seller’s title documents and confirm if it was sold to him by the Ojomu family or he inherited it


  11.   Pay for the land in the presence of your lawyer


  12.   Ask your lawyer to draft the contract of sale between you and the seller


  13.   Ask your Surveyor to measure the size of the land so it corresponds with what he is selling in his own survey plan and within the Ojomu family layout


  14.   Notarize the contract of sale to make it binding


  15.  Pay for the Ojomu deed and survey plan at the Ojomu property office. (It's usually N1.5 million naira or thereabout for the Ojomu deed and Survey plan to drafted by the Ojomu lawyer and surveyor.


  16.   After the Ojomu deed and survey is done which normally takes between 1 to 3 months, the Oba of Ojomu would sign the deed personally and the deed would be handed over to you.



Once you have completed this process without any hitches then you can take full possession of the land without any disturbance from any quarter.



From the above, you can see that it is not an easy process to purchase an Ojomu family land but Omonile lawyer has been doing this for years effortlessly. We know the booby traps, wahalas, fraudsters including the ins and out of assisting clients to purchase properties in this area and we guarantee that you won't regret contacting us for our services.


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