This is a section that deals with true land and property scam stories perpetrated by Real-life Land Scammers. It gives you the opportunity to read about these dubious property thieves and how far they would go to defraud and scam you if you don't conduct due diligence. Here are some land scam articles you might be interested in and I hope you learn from them and realise there are so many wicked people dreaming day and night on how to swindle you off your life savings once you refuse to examine and investigate them properly. They include Pastors, Grandmothers, 80-year-Old men, Real estate developers, Family members and a host of people you would never expect to deceive you. Read more about them below:



In truth, there has never been a time when due diligence has been more important than right now. A buyer must carefully consider whether all of the factors when taken together, merge into a decision to go forward. Most of the time, the answer is “yes,” but sometimes, it should be a very resounding “no.”


Please be smart and do everything to conduct Due Diligence on the land or property you intend to buy. You’re signing the largest check you’ve ever signed, and you want to make sure that you’re not missing something. To not engage an expert independent real estate due diligence attorney like Omonile Lawyer could make you’d feel naked in the process and very foolish after property thieves like the ones you have just finished reading their stories end up making you their next victim.


"Remember, getting into a deal with a Land Fraudster is a lot easier than getting out of one. The choice is yours".


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