Omonile Lawyer acts for Nairabet on its Acquisition in Agungi Lekki

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Omonile Lawyer and has enjoyed an exclusive relationship down the years with regards to acting on its behalf as it expands it online betting company Nairabet was interested in purchasing 2 plots in prime positions in Agungi and Omonile Lawyer was contracted to do a Search on the Properties that had a Governor’s Consent. Our Search revealed a lot of Complications with one of the properties and we advised Nairabet to reject it and purchase the one with a Clean title. We crossed checked the Governor’s Consent title, confirmed the true owner of the property, confirmed all the payments to the Lagos state Government and prepared all the necessary documents to transfer ownership to Nairabet. We are very glad to have  assisted acquire the Property and look forward to More Business with one of Nigeria’s No1. Online betting Company. You can win millions of Naira by logging onto

Barrister Matthew Ottah helps Nigerians avoid being scammed in real estate deals. He once lost a large sum of money to land fraudsters 'Omoniles' when he was still naive about land matters. Now, he's out on a personal vengeful mission to expose Land scam artists in the Nigerian real estate sector and protect your hard earned money.


  1. Omonile Lawyer and has enjoyed an exclusive

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