Okun Ajah used to be one of my favourite areas in Lagos for Investors to buy lands because of its whispering palms and beautiful beach view.


It is surrounded by some upcoming estates, Abraham Adesanya estate and Lekki Scheme 2 as its illustrious neighbours but it has of late become a hot bed of loads of land scams of unbelievable proportions. The Omoniles there are shamelessly re-selling people's lands without any fear or remorse.


If they see that you own a land there and you haven't developed it within 1 month or more, they would immediately auction your land to the highest bidder. The number of law suits in that area is so bewildering these days that its so mind boggling to comprehend.


They forge signatures, collude with the different families to resell people's land and extort exorbitant Signing fees from potential buyers who have no idea that they are buying other people's lands.


To make matters worse, they resell every part of Okun Ajah despite the fact that they are not suppose to sell lands that are 80 meters close to the beach because it falls under the Ministry of Water Infrastructure and Tourism Ministry.


They simply don't care. Most of the lands don't even have a proper lay out and you see the omoniles just pointing to lands that do not belong to them as lands that their families own despite the fact that it has a global C of O.


The worst one is that some of these lands sit on the  proposed coastal road coming all the way from the East to lagos and these land fraudsters knowingly sell these lands to unsuspecting buyers who are not aware of this ticking time bomb.


They collude with dubious Surveyors and Agents to help them sell these bad lands and once you discover the malaise, you can never recover your money from themexcept you take them to court.


Okun Ajah Omoniles Patroling the area to see which land they can pass off as their on to resell to unsuspecting Buyers

Okun Ajah Omoniles Patroling the area to see which land they can pass off as their on to resell to unsuspecting Buyers



The land fraudsters there know the ins and out of a prison cell so inviting Efcc or Special Fraud unit to make them vomit your money is almost a difficulty because they have perfected the art of beating the system.


Even if you buy a land there and do the Governors Consent, that would not stop them from reselling your lands. They are extremely crude, wicked and lack morals.


If you even think by fencing your land and leaving it there it would save you, then you are thoroughly mis-guided. Infact its even a more attractive land for them to resell because of the fence.






Bottom Line if anybody advertises a land for you to buy in Okun Ajah, take it with a pinch of salt and run away because in all likely hood you are about to probably buy another person's land which could mean you also buying an Unwanted Lawsuit.


Only buy from a trusted source who can show you the genesis of how he bought the land and the people who sold it to him or her and immediately you purchase it, document everything if possible video wise and build immediately.


Beware of Buying lands in Okun Ajah without doing a proper search please. A word is enough for the wise!


Finally don't do self service when you want to buy any land. Contact Omonile lawyer land verification services to carry out a proper land verification search. We have been doing this for 7 years and know virtually all the tricks land scammers have deviced to steal your money.

If your time is precious and value a Completely independent, objective and wholly impartial advice, whilst also providing you with complete discretion and anonymity get in touch with us to save your money from the hands of land fraudsters.