Latest Rules and Requirements to get  and Calculate Your Governor's Consent yourself. They are extremely Strict on it so be alert and follow every requirement and complete payment unless Big Query.


I just came back from the land registry and it was quite tedious to get all these information but it's worth sharing because the number of people that i saw that their jobs were queried and money lost due to bad or mishandling of the process is quite shocking and pitiful because money is hard to come by.


So be very careful when you want to do yours and make sure you get everything complete before you venture into it. These people at the Land Registry at take their money upfront for everything after the calculation so be very meticulous and aware with the costs and requirements:


So get your Pens, Paper and Calculator and Start Calculating Diligently: ( P:S: These are rough estimates of the likely cost and its just and educative article to give you an idea of what it cost but its in no way reflective of what the true estimate that will emanate from the Land Registry when they give you your final Assessment for your Governor's consent. Please note this)



They include the following:

1. Get 4 copies of the deed of Assignment


2. 4 copies of the survey plan.

(The survey plan must be attached to each of the deed of Assignment)

The deed of Assignment must be duly signed by each party i.e the assignor and assignee and the deed of assignment must state the history how the property devolved or has been transferred from the original owners to you the new owner.


3. Purchase and Sign Form 1c = N10,000*


4. Obtain Certified True Copy of the Certificate of Occupancy From he land registry in Alausa =N15,000*


5. Picture of the Property


6. Application letter written by your lawyer stating that you want to perfect the title


7. Administrative Charges=N3,000


8. Charting and Endorsing=N10,500


9. Tax Clearance of the Assignor ie the person who sold it to you must have his tax clearance to show


10. Tax Clearance of the Assignee ie, you the owner of the property or land must have your tax clearance to show


11. Development Levy Receipts



(If you don’t have your tax clearance, it costs N60,000 as a tax clearance which only covers the tax for  purchasing that land and cannot be used elsewhere as a valid tax clearance, so if the Person or assignor who sold it to you doesn’t have his own tax clearance, you have to pay N120,000 to cover both of you)


12. Evidence of payment of Ground rent/Land use charge? (This can be deduced in the C/O of the previous Seller if it is a private C of O but the rest is Unknown Yet)

13. If your land is in or within the Lekki Peninsular, there must be an Original Letter of Confirmation of Payment of Capital Contribution from NTDA in respect of the Lekki Peninsular scheme

14. Copy of Building plan

15. Payment of Assessment fees which includes:

a. Capital Gain Tax. . . . 2% of the Assessment

b. Stamp Duty. . . . . . . 2% of the Assessment

c. Registration Fees. . . .3% of the Assessment

d. Consent Fees. . . . . . 8%of the Assessment


(If your property or land you bought is direct state land Allocation and the right of occupancy has run for less than 10 years, instead of 8% consent fees, you pay 16%)


(If your property is a mortgage or loan, the consent fee is fixed at 2% of the loan ie, if the loan is N20,000,000 (Twenty Million Naira) you pay 2% of the loan which comes to N20,000 as the consent fees)


e. Neighbourhood Improvement Fees. . .N100,000 Flat.



Generally i have been asked how the Assessment fees are being calculated and how to determine it yourself. It is simple and it goes like this:


1. Every plot of land is being calculated at 700 square metres in Alausa and if your property is less than that, it is still being calculated at the minimum 700 square meters. Now every area in Lagos state has being divided into zones and the type of fees/rates that should be paid per area. Some areas have low rates while some areas have very high rates, depending on the level of development of the place.


For example, i will mention just 12 areas to make you understand it:


a. Ajao Estate; N3,000 per square meters

b. Badore/ langbasa/Ado and its environs: N1,500 PER Square metres

c. Gbagada Phase 1: N6,000 PER Square metres

d. Ibeju Lekki beyond Abijo Gra: N500 PER Square metres

e. Ikorodu Central/ Lagso Road: N750 per square metres

f. Ikotun/ Egbe/ Ijegun/ Isheri Oshun/ Igando/ Iba/ Igbo Elerin: N1,000  per Square metres

g. Ogba Residential: N10,000

h. Oko Oba 1,2,3,4: N1,500

I.Surulere: N6,000

J. Ajiran/Igbo-Efon/ Ikota: N2,500

k. Oniru/ Dideolu Court: N10,000

L. Park View/ OSBORNE1: N40,000



Now lets take the first one Ajao estate as our mathematical guide to get the assessment of Ajao Estate:


700 square metres (The size of one regular plot) X N3000 = N2100000

so N2,100,000 is the General Assesment fee but that doesn't mean It’s this amount your paying.

Now you divide 8% of N2,100,000 = N168,000 to get the consent fee Assessment for Ajao Estate

Now you divide 3% of N2,100,000 = N63,000 to get the Registration fee Assessment for Ajao Estate

Now you divide 2% of N2,100,000 = N42,000 to get the Capital Gain Tax Assessment fee for Ajao Estate

Now you divide 2% of N2,100,000 = N42,000 to get the Stamp Duty Tax Assessment fee for Ajao Estate

Which equals = N315,000 for the Assessment fee of Ajao Estate alone.


When you calculate all the other fees listed above including the minor ones like development levy etc that i don’t know the price, it is easier for you to know how much you are to pay for the governor's consent of your area.


Generally the larger your plot or square meters of your land, the more you pay. The above illustration is just for 700 Square meters, so all of you that have over 1000 square metres or 2 plots or 3 plots or 50 plots, just calculate the square metres on the survey plan X the applicable rate.


Finally Solicitors fees: This is subjective and open for negotiation per lawyer but putting into consideration the whole wahala of running around to get those receipts and bureaucracy abeg please be lenient with my fellow legal brothers!!! I know Lawyers charge between N200,000 to N500,000 depending on the Area the land is located and how difficult it is to do the running around.


To get the consent minus the bureaucracy takes at least 6 months and add money to tip the Alausa workers unless your file will just sit down on one table till your grandchildren become presidents and Ministers in 2071.


There is no way you can avoid this P.R, Brown Envelope or Egunje fees and its subject to their own calculation of what the processing fee is like. And if you choose to protest the Egunje fees please don’t involve me because I cannot change their bad corrupt ways of doing things unlike they will blacklist your work and leave it pending for years.



PLEASE TAKE NOTE: *** Last but not the least be advised that these fees and Assessments example are subject to change and ratification at the land registry at anytime and they could just unilaterally review it and their own calculation could be slightly higher.


The fees I have given you here is only a rough estimate for you to have an idea of what the likely cost will be. It’s no way reflective of the true fees that will germinate from their offices when they do their own final assessment.