Are you one of those searching for Lands for Sale in Lagos or you already have a property in Lagos but your itching to know what it entails for you to obtain a Governor's Consent  and the likely cost abi? Well get ready to empty your wallet and drain your bank account because Governor's Consent fees in Lagos no be small thing.


The calculations and permutations of how much you are to pay is so baffling and mind boggling that its best left for the staffs at the Land Bureau to do the calculations for you. Its so bad that 5 people can buy lands in the same local government area but still go home with 5 different assessment fees.


Every Area in Lagos has its own calculation for the Governors consent ranging from N300 per square meters for places like inner Epe down to N40,000 per square meters for Ikoyi but at the end of the day, your own calculation will differ greatly from the assessment you will be given and there is nothing you can do about it.


How a Signed Governor's Consent Looks like after all the fees has been paid and properly registered at the Land Registry

How a Signed Governor's Consent Looks like after all the fees has been paid and properly registered at the Land Registry


For example a Client who recently bought a plot of land at Ogombo-Ajah-Lekki at Eti-Osa local Government Area for N3.5Million for a plot of land measuring 700Square meters wanted to have an estimate of how much it would cost to procure the Governors consent and i gave it to a staff at the Land's registry to scribble down the cost and result was alarmingly higher than expected.


He was given a whooping sum of N920,000 and that's Excluding "Brown Envelope, P.R, Professional fees or Settlement" or what ever name you call it which could be between N150,000 to N500,000 depending on who you give it to handle for you.


The cost of Individual taxes that the Seller and Buyer has to pay is Demonic to say the least. If You don't have taxes, you must pay N300,000 per Assignor or buyer and if you buy from a seller or Omonile and they don't have taxes, you have to pay N200,000 for at least 2 Omoniles.


For crying out loud that's N700,000 in taxes without even paying a dime for the real actual cost of the Governor's Consent. This is Bloody Insane. Who would save us from this Madness?


Most Nigerians outside the country that want to invest in Nigeria nay Lagos through acquisition of lands, are going to be hit the hardest because they don't have Nigerian or Lagos Taxes and the only way they can secure these lands since they are not based in Lagos is to have a Governor's Consent so that they can be protected by the Law or the Lagos state Government in case one stupid trespasser or Omonile tries to take over their land. So its basically a lose- lose situation.


The only way to beat this entanglement is for Land Owners to start saving up to get their Governors Consent Papers, demand your lawyers to help you get Estimate of your assessment costs now, find a way to work around this Tax Issue and start making payments for it immediately so that you can have an Office file in your name at Alausa unless if you procrastinate the cost will only get higher.


The Lagos State  Governor's Consent rates of 2 years Ago is not the same Today and in the next 2 years its surely going to be far higher than what we are crying about today.


As for those who have lands only in Ogun State reading saying  "Thank God i don't have a Land in Lagos!" Well bad news, Ogun state is about to follow suit like Lagos and they are already implementing it in some quarters since so many people are migrating to Ogun state especially the heavy influx of land buyers along the Lagos Ibadan Express Ifo Local Government road axis down to Mowe, Papalanto, Sagamu, Ota etc.


QUICK QUIZ: Do you know that you cannot build a House on a Land in Lagos without a Governor's Consent? If you attempt to build without a Valid Governor's Consent, people from Town planning, Local Government, Environment, Building Control, Land Registry etc will continue to bug the life out of you till you empty your wallet settling all of them and you would still have to do your Governor's Consent in the Long Run.


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