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Why it is very Dangerous to buy a Family Partitioned Land without Knowing All the True Joint Owners

Villagers 1

One of the most dangerous lands to buy without investigating  its roots, is a family land owned by many children and also known as a PARTITIONED LAND. In fact 50% of land trespass cases I am aware of, deals directly with partitioned land matters. A land that has been willed to 2 or more children [...]




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The Dos and Don’ts of Sponsoring a Survey in a Virgin Omonile Owned Land and How to become an Instant Millionaire as a Land Speculator

surveyor at work
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A lot of people have called me over the years to give my opinion on this new trend which is Sponsoring the Survey of Virgin Lands owned by Omoniles and i have reserved my comments so as to study it up close and personal before i deliver my verdict on it and this Finally is [...]




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Lagos State Proposes 21 Years Jail Term for Land Swindlers and to ban Omonile Foundation and Roofing Fees

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Hard times await Omoniles in Lagos who intend to defraud people off their lands by selling innocent buyers other people’s lands and demanding foundation fees violently. I would attempt to break down the proposed law in a very simplified manner so as to know what this law stipulates and how to use it to your [...]




1575 days

Why You should never buy a Land in Surulere, Onike, Aguda, Yaba, Ebutte Metta or Ogudu from Omoniles without Certified Lagos State Documents

Sample Old deed of Assignment that belongs to an Original Owner of that land with all the Stamps of the Lagos state Government and Stamp Duty office. Without this Document as proof of ownership from the Owner in these areas mentioned above please do not buy it.
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There is a popular scam going on in Lagos especially in Surulere, Onike, Aguda, Yaba, Ebutte Metta and in some instances in Ogudu where Agents or Land Speculators will show you empty lands in the midst of fully built up Houses and pass it up as lands being owned by Family members that have the [...]




1576 days

Beware of buying lands at Badore in Ajah without doing a search unless your House will be demolished for being too close to the Proposed 4th Mainland Bridge

4th mainland bridge for badore article
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 If you intend to buy a property in Addo/ Badore Ajah Estates at Ajah Eti-Osa local Government, please don’t waste my time and yours. 85% of those lands / Estates there are under government acquisition and are Committed Areas.  Lagos state government has acquired over 300 Hectares of Land in that place and that’s approximately [...]




1576 days

A Classic Example of Why Some Land Buyers Are the Cause of their Own Land Scam Wahalas

alex mogbe ooo_opt
Posted by in Featured, Land scam stories, Land Scams August 25th, 2014 0 Comment 2252 Views
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As much as i point my fingers and lay the blame solely on Omoniles and Land swindlers as rotten apples that should be done away with so that land scams in Lagos will be a thing of the past, some Land purchasers are just as bad as these Omoniles when they make self inflicted terrible [...]




1579 days

How Omoniles Scam people to buy lands with a Fake Survey Plan Layout and not give the Buyer possession. Read this true Case to know more


DESCRIPTION OF THE LAND AREA IN DISPUTE: All that  4 plots of land located at IKORODU LOCAL GOVERNMENT being portion of EWU-ELEPE VILLAGE EXCISION   NAME(S) OF THE PARTIES TO THE SUIT:      Alhaja Omobola Bankole Yemi Bankole Mrs Bisi Kuyoro (CLAIMANTS) V Eng. S.O  Oluseye Oluwa-Lambe Idowu (DEFENDANTS)   DATE THE SUIT WAS FILED:                           [...]




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Beware of the-We have a Court Judgment-Omonile Land Scam

Posted by in Featured, Know Your Land Documents, Land Scams August 22nd, 2014 1 Comment 5080 Views
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In fact I can’t count how many people have fallen for this type of Land Scam in Lagos. The general rule is that if there is a dispute on a land, the best way to solve a problem is by going to court. The court now gives a judgment on the land and depending on [...]




1593 days

Why You Should Never Buy a Land that has a Power of Attorney as its Main Source of DerivingTitle

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One of the reasons we see so many cases in court with respect to Land Disputes can be traced to this very Powerful but dangerous Document called a Power of Attorney or P.O.A.  A Power of Attorney is a written document given by Party A to Party B to carry out certain functions on behalf [...]




1841 days

Aboru and Akinola Villages in Abesan Iyana Ipaja lose Land Case to FG. Be Very Worried if you have bought Lands here

iyana paja

2 Major land-owning families in Lagos State have lost their battle to reclaim their acquired landed property measuring about 117.90 hectares located at Aboru and Akinola villages in Abesan, Lagos State of Nigeria and if you have bought lands in this area be very worried. Previously the Families in the 2 Villages had sued the [...]

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